Ma$e~Politically Incorrect

Mase decided to drop another track but not your typical feel good track. This one may rough a few feathers but I think it is great that not only activist are taking a stand for justice, but artists are as well. Nothing will change in the world if we continue to sweep things under the …

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New Billboard Rules for Top 200

This will affect some major as well as independent artists. Effective November 21st 2011, any albums priced below $3.49 during their month of release will be refused entry onto the Billboard 200. In an official statement released by the company it stated: Free or almost-free albums don’t represent a marketplace. Whether you work with or …

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GQ Magazine~November 2011Issue

The November issue features Eminem, Lil Wayne and rock legend Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones on the front cover. The theme for this particular issue is "Survivor." Everyone that is featured has survived some type of addiction, legal situation, and/or personal issue. Others that are featured are Erykah Badu, Andre 3000, Big Boi, and …

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