Steve Stout~Tanning In America (Preview)

Steve Stout is known for his work throughout the music industry as a entrepreneur, author, artist manager and former record executive. He is now the founder and mastermind behind the marketing agency, Translations Consulting and Brand Imaging. Some of his work under the company has made him a house hold name with A-List artists by connecting them with things outside of music and bringing them into urban America through different outlets. A few examples of his magic being used to link artist with big corporations includes Justin Timberlake McDonald’s “I’m Loving It” campaign,Jay-Z’s “S. Carter” shoe deal with Reebok,and Chris Brown’s “Forever” song used as a jingle for Doublemint Gum. Stout and the Huffington Post have teamed up to bring a series of webisodes based on the book Tanning In America,which is in stores now.

Check out a preview of “Tannin in America” below.


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