Pat24$even~Prime Time 2 (Mixtape Review)

Pat24$even is without a doubt a guy with talent. He has stage presence out of this world and a certain type of charism that makes the ladies love him. His new mixtape “Prime Time 2” is definitely displaying his growth as a artist and his journey into becoming a well respected rapper. With tracks like “Closer” ft. Kings of Leon that tells you of how he’s getting closer to his dreams and the things that he experiences while getting closer to that point. How can you deny a rapper that keeps it real and honest?! You can’t!! Another track that may catch your attention maybe “Eazy is Back.” Yes, he means Eazy-E aka Eric Wright, one of the members of NWA. If you’ve ever seen Pat then you know that the song is well titled. He kind of reminds you of Eazy with the hair hanging out of his hat and his height, just a little bit. Overall, I will say that “Prime Time 2” is a step up from the last one because I hear growth and I see it when he performs as well. I have nothing negative to say about this mixtape at all. All I will say is keep grinding Pat…the hard work will pay off!

If you would like a copy of “Prime Time 2,” contact Pat24$even via twitter @pat24seven or for more music from him go to

My Top 5 Picks off of PT 2

1. All I Know ft. Nif Monroe
2. Can’t Get Enough (kind of reminds me of Jay-Z’s Girls,Girls,Girls)
3. Black Tie Affair ft. CJ Tate
4. Closer ft. Kings of Leon
5. The AM ft. The Weeknd


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