One Chance~Ain’t No Room For Talking(Mixtape)

When I first heard about these guys they were signed to Usher’s label, Us Records. I’m not too sure what happened with that deal but now they are signed to T-Pain‘s Nappy Boy label. The fellas of One Chance are talented without a doubt. They, in my opinion, give hope for male R&B groups… you really don’t see many of them anymore. To my knowledge, this is their very first official mixtape and it’s not bad at all. With production from T-Pain, Bangladesh, District 9, & Young Fyre, the mixtape displays a more emotional side from the guys. Majority of the tracks can be considered babymakers but the others are heart felt tracks that shows the heatache and pain that a man can feel when dealing with a relationship that testes his strength (i.e. Rock Bottom & So Emotional).

Click the link below the tracklist in order to listen to and download “Ain’t No Room For Talking.”


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