Do You Know Jaystar?

Check out the interview I did with Memphis’ own Jaystar.

ItsaBSTworld: Introduce yourself and let the world know exactly what you do, in case they do not know.

Jaystar: What’s up world, I go by the name Jaystar aka “Mr. I Am Memphis,” I’m an artist/songwriter/engineer; I got my own clothing line . So, I pretty much do everything!!

ItsaBSTworld: Where did the name Jaystar come from?

Jaystar: I got my name from my cousin, he died a long time ago and he was my role model. Everyone called him Jaystar because every time he entered the room, he always shined!!!

ItsaBSTworld: What or who influenced you to become a rapper?

Jaystar: A lot of people influenced me; I’ve always had love for the art itself, growing up listening to Jay-Z, Yo Gotti, 8-Ball and MJG really opened my eyes on the music game. I feel like I have an untold story to tell.

ItsaBSTworld: What age were you when you starting writing and rapping?

Jaystar: 10 years old.

ItsaBSTworld: So you are a part of the South Marths crew…What exactly does South Marth stand for and who else is affiliated with it as well?

Jaystar: Yes I am a part of the South Marths crew and the name stands for a lot of things, but my opinion on it is that we’re so different from others that we’re from another planet with this music shit, no one sound like us. I also rep the new label LION DEN RECORDS, so be on the lookout for that!!! Big shout out to the CEO/Manager Corey Cash!!!

ItsaBSTworld: You are featured on the Memphis anthem “I Am Memphis,” what was the experience like for you while making the record and recording your vocals?

Jaystar: “I Am Memphis” is my record. I wrote that record about 4 years ago in my room. I just wanted to pay my respect to the city as a whole. When I finish the record I had an open verse, so I reached out to my big brother Bonafide and he agreed to do the verse!! It was a classic verse but the hook needed a lil spice, so I asked my label mate Coldway to liven the hook up and he made the hook a classic and the outcome was beautiful!!!

ItsaBSTworld: What exactly is the “I Am Memphis” movement?

Jaystar: The “I Am Memphis” movement is basically to make Memphis come together. We’re so spaced out and no one sticks together and with “I Am Memphis” the movement we will do that!!!

ItsaBSTworld: What else can we look forward to from you this year?

Jaystar: New Mixtapes, New single coming soon, shows, I’m doing a movie right now!! So yeah, I will be everywhere. Be on the lookout for LIONS DEN RECORDS, we got some amazing things happening!!!

ItsaBSTworld: Where do you see yourself ten years from now?

Jaystar: I see myself as a Legend in the next ten years.

ItsaBSTworld: Give everyone your twitter name so they can follow you and stay updated with new music, etc from you?

Jaystar: and GET AT ME!!!!


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