Kid Saturn Clothing

Check out the interview I did with Ryan M. below, 1/3 of the co-owners of Kid Saturn Clothing. And also take a look at some of their latest gear in the slideshow below as well.

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Itsabstworld: How has your day been going so far?

Ryan M.: My day has been productive. Got up at 5 a.m. and started working. All three of us work full time jobs in addition to Kid Saturn.

Itsabstworld: Where did the idea for kid saturn come from?

Ryan M.: The idea for Kid Saturn came from my business partners, Chris and Luis. The logo is a crazy-looking face on a TV screen with a gas mask over it. It was created by Luis, who is a graphic designer. I may not have all the details correct, but I believe the idea was that this was some kind of alien with a TV for a head, who came to Earth and had to wear a gas mask to protect himself from all the whack clothing lines he was seeing on this planet. When Chris and Luis became friends, they decided that this would be a nice logo for a T-shirt brand. That’s how it started up. I joined the team several months later. All three of us are co-owners.

Itsabstworld: Where did the name come from?

Ryan M.: Luis also came up with the name. A lot of his graphic art contained outer space concepts. Kid Saturn is what he named the alien with the TV screen head. And since that face became the logo, Kid Saturn Clothing was a fitting name for the brand.

Itsabstworld: How long has kid saturn been a brand?

Ryan M.: Kid Saturn had been in the works since around January 2010, but became official in July 2010. So it’s been operating for about six months.

Itsabstworld: What would you say the most challenging part about being in the fashion industry is?

Ryan M.: One of the hardest parts about being in the fashion industry is the competition. There are no barriers to entry; anyone can draw a picture, print it on a T-shirt, sell it to their friends, and act like they are the best thing since Ralph Lauren. T-shirt brands are a dime a dozen these days.

Itsabstworld: What can we expect from the kid saturn line this year?

Ryan M.: This year you can expect some new designs to be released and we will be looking to get our gear in numerous boutiques all over the place.

Itsabstworld: If someone wanted to purchase some of your gear, where do they need to go to do so?

Ryan M.: Right now the best place to purchase some gear is on our web site, .

Itsabstworld: Where do you see kid saturn in the next five to ten years from now?

Ryan M.: In five to ten years, Kid Saturn will be a publicly traded company on the New York Stock Exchange!

Visit Kid Saturn’s website for more info on the line.


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