Lame Brotherhood Clothing

I had the pleasure of interviewing Dakarai Ashby of Lame Brotherhood Clothing and it seems like this guy knows exactly what he’s doing. He’s very confident and hungry for what he does, and that to me, says a lot about his character. And honestly, I have no doubt that the guys at Lame Brotherhood will go far in the fashion industry. Check out pictures from the line and the interview below.

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Itsabstworld: How are you doing today?

Dakarai Ashby: I am doing great today. About to get working on some new designs.

Itsabstworld: You own and run a clothing line….what is the name of the brand?

Dakarai Ashby: The name of my brand is Lame Brotherhood Clothing.

Itsabstworld: Where did you get the name for the clothing line from?

Dakarai Ashby: Lame Brotherhood came from the fact that I always saw myself as a lame or an underdog as I grew up. Brotherhood came from me starting this clothing brand with people that are like brothers to me.

Itsabstworld: What inspired you to start a clothing line?

Dakarai Ashby: One day I was at my close friend Broderick’s house and we were listening to Pharrell’s solo album In My Mind. I really loved the feel of the album and I had always admired his style. Me and Brod were looking at other brands on the internet and we decided we would start a brand. We already had a small time crew of painters because we were heavily into graffiti art. So, we decided to turn our crew into a clothing brand.

Itsabstworld: Are you in school (college)? If so, where do you attend? Or where did you attend?

Dakarai Ashby: I currently attend the Art Institute of Pittsburgh.

Itsabstworld: How do you come up with the concepts for the line? (Shirt designs,etc.)

Dakarai Ashby: A lot of my concepts that I come up with for shirt designs just randomly pop up in my head. All day long I think of designs that would be dope for tees, crewneck sweatshirts, and hats.

Itsabstworld: Has anyone major rocked and/or endorsed your clothes?

Dakarai Ashby: As far as I know, the only major people that have worn Lame Brotherhood is Wiz Khalifa and Mac Miller. A few others in Taylor Gang wore our clothing but I havent seen too many pictures of that. Wiz Khalifa actually owns our first two original Sweet Dreams crewneck sweatshirt. Hopefully he will keep them for when our brand really blows up. He can say he has OG Lame gear. haha

Itsabstworld: I ask everyone this question when I interview them but where do you see yourself and the clothing line in the next 10 years?

Dakarai Ashby: In 10 years I see my brand being extremely successful beyond belief. Taking it as far as possible and just being recognized internationally. I actually see something like that happening in about 5 years. Not to sound arrogant or anything like that but the power, drive and love I have for the work I do pushes me everyday to believe that this will be a huge success. And it really already is a success. But, we want to really take our success much further than it is now.

Itsabstworld: Tell eveyone where they can purchase your line at?

Dakarai Ashby: You can purchase Lame Brotherhood Clothing at at anytime. Also a new late winter line will be released very very soon, so keep your eyes open for that.


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