Karina & Sammie~Brokenhearted (Remake)

Before you listen to the song, let me give you some background on the original version of the song. Originally, “Brokenhearted” was a duet that Brandy & Wanya Morris of Boyz II Men did in the 90s. Around the time the original record dropped, it was rumored that the two were, so I guess you can the track seemed more authentic and believable in a since. What made Karina and Sammie remake this particular song? Who knows! All I know is that, to me, they messed it up. But on a good note, the producer left the lead synth part in there. Lol Don’t get me wrong, Karina and Sammie are good singers. “Brokenhearted” just shouldn’t been a song that the two should’ve remade. Nice try though.

Brandy & Wanya~Brokenhearted


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