Interview with Daniel Sage

Check out the interview I did with Daniel Sage below.

Itsabstworld: First and foremost, introduce yourself to the people for those who don’t know who you are.

Daniel Sage: My name is Daniel Sage, pleasure to meet you.

Itsabstworld: What would you describe your genre of music as?

Daniel Sage: Other, but if you produce me long enough I’ll tell you it’s Folky Blues Rock.

Itsabstworld: How did you get started?

Daniel Sage: Well, I was inspired by an Eric Clapton concert and the album “Nevermind” by Nirvana to pick up the guitar at the age of 13. But there was no guitar to pick up, so my mom bought me my first guitar and amp. I took a few lessons and got frustrated with my teacher, so I’m pretty much self-taught.

Itsabstworld: Are you from Memphis or did you just come here to embark on a better career?

Daniel Sage: I came here to embark on a better career, I’m from Winston-Salem NC. But I didn’t originally set out for Memphis. I was on a cross country trip to L.A and when I stopped here I fell in love with the blues all over again and started to sprout roots. Plus a lot of musicians I was talking to told me LA horror stories, and Memphis seems like a wide open market right now.

Itsabstworld: Are you a member of the Memphis Music Foundation and if so, how has that helped you further yourself as a performer/entertainer.

Daniel Sage: The Memphis Music Foundation is one of the main reasons I decided to stay in Memphis, they have helped me so much. It’s how I met my current manager, got my press kit together, and started my career. I frequently use the resource center every day, and it’s a great place to learn new things, meet new people, and push my career forward.

Itsabstworld: Do you have any upcoming shows that you would like for people to know about?

Daniel Sage: I’ll be playing on the Trolley tour next Friday (Aug 27th) at 410 S.Main from 6-9, and the New Daisy on Sep 24. My regular gig schedule is Brinson’s (343 Madison Ave) on Monday night’s around 11, The Buccaneer (1300 Monroe ave) on Tuesday night’s around 11, Java Cabana (Young ave) on Thursdays at 8, and the Edge (1400 Overton Park ave) on Sundays at 9. I play a little at Neil’s on Wednesdays also.

Itsabstworld: Do have a album coming out soon and if so what is the title of that project?

Daniel Sage: Tentative album release date is December 2010, tentative album name is Astronaut.

Itsabstworld: Is there something about you that people don’t know but you would like for them to know?

Daniel Sage: I love my fans, and enjoy making new friends. I’m the 2010 NY state open ping pong champion. I used to run my car on vegetable oil.

Itsabstworld: Who are some musicians and entertainers that inspire your music?

Daniel Sage: Jack White, Jimmy Page, Neil Young, Bob Dylan and Jimi Hendrix

Itsabstworld: In the next 10 years, where do you see yourself?

Daniel Sage: Totally on the top of the world. Touring internationally, having as much fun as I can. To be 100% satisfied.

For more info on Daniel Sage, contact him at the links below.






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