LTL~Living the Life

Believe it or not “Living The Life” is one of my favorite webisodes that I watch everyday because JD shows you what he does on a day to day basis. It may not seem interesting but it is. I’ve been a fan of SoSoDef since Kriss Kross and JD is actually a guy that I admire on a business level as well as on a musical one. This webisode starts out funny as hell then it begins to get more interesting for the simple fact that JD is taking it to the streets. If you didn’t know, SoSoDef is now a independent label and has signed like two or three people off of YouTube; YES…YouTube. It’s clever and has never been done before and it’s opening a new way to discover talent. But back to the webisode, he is basically letting Dondria’s fans and supporters help him with marketing her and in the end the person that gives him the most usable marketing stratergies gets a job with SoSoDef. Crazy? Yes, to some it may be but I think what he’s doing is complete genius! Check it out for yourself.


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